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Radisson The School has a state of the art fully air conditioned pre primary wing. This is the first exposure of the child to a school system before his formal schooling begins. The emphasis here is on the development of language through the four skills listening,speaking,reading and writing . The activities and days are planned in such a way that the child learns something new every day. The activities are meticulously planned and the expectations of the child are kept in mind so that the child waits and does not want to miss the school even for a single day. The facilitators “make” it a point to reach out to every child. 

The observations of the teacher about every child she is dealing with are recorded in the student profile register which shows the progress in his development over the session. The child competes with himself. They learn the “three” C's-
No complaint, No competition, No comparison.
Children are provided with rich and nutritious meals to inculcate good eating habits .  This also instills in them the skills like knowing about healthy food, table manners, sharing and other important values which becomes the foundation for the entire life of the child.

Latest News
  • PDP Classes

    Radisson The School is Organizing PDP classes for students of class 6,7 & 8th from 5 Jan to 10 Jan 2016
  • Happy New Year

    Wish You all a very Happy New Year 2017... Preeti Foundation Family
  • Start Basket Ball

    05 August 2016 Radisson The School is about to start Basket Ball with national level coach.